We are a full-service production studio
delivering any kind of visual content
and interactive solutions.

Welcome to our Playground



As a natural evolution, we have added many new services, applying our knowledge to the current age of interactive and mobile solutions.
However, the core concept on which we have built our Playground remains the same: having all key services in-house. This makes communication so much easier, human and efficient and consequently makes work much better, faster and efficient. You can talk and interact directly with the people who are currently working on your project. That means no miscommunication and no clutter during process. Our work is supervised at all times by our creative director, ensuring that only the best result will leave our Playground.

We deliver whatever visuals you need, from simple illustrations to highly complex graphics. We have more than eight years of experience in high-end image production, CGI and photo postproduction, and our work has been recognized over the years by many top advertising agencies from New York to Moscow. We have our own talented illustrators, art directors, 3D modelers and CGI artists, helpful and experienced production staff, and great talents in photography and post-production. Having in-house talent for all aspects of visual creation makes our work much more efficient, professional and, most importantly, beautiful.

Years of experience in the visual industry and high-end post-production make us ideal partner for photographers seeking the highest quality work. No matter how complex or unusual your concept may be, our production department, with its eight years of experience in advertising photography, can organize it. And if anything does not go as planned, or CGI people are here to help.

Whether you are a small start-up looking to create a new identity or a wellestablished international company that needs a fresh look for their marketing activities, we are ready to help. We will not bore you with hundreds of PowerPoint slides, but rather offer simple and cutting-edge ideas for how to let everyone know about your product and ideas, and we will find the ways to execute them. We can offer complete solutions or individual services, from branding, illustrations, and photography to software or app development.

We deliver

  • Print
  • Online solutions
  • Mobile Apps
  • Motion
  • Software (Mac/Win)
  • Campaigns

About us

Excitement, motivation, talent and love for visual perfection are the things that connect these totally different crazy individuals. Below, you can see who will take care of your project. Please don’t hesitate to say “Hello!”

  • Jan Rambousek

    E-mail: jan.rambousek@plgr.cz
    Mobile: +420 732 105 915
    Skype: jan_rambousek

  • Filip Zetek
    Postproduction director

    E-mail: filip.zetek@plgr.cz
    Mobile: +420 773 596 905
    Skype: filip_zetek

  • Martina Uzlová
    Office manager

    E-mail: martina.uzlova@plgr.cz
    Mobile: +420 603 824 249

  • Petr Milerski
    Head of CGI

    E-mail: petr.milerski@plgr.cz
    Mobile: +420 734 130 849
    Skype: petr.milerski

  • Braňo Ruščák
    Head of Playground Interactive

    E-mail: brano.ruscak@plgr.cz
    Mobile: +420 776 670 148
    Skype: bruscak

  • Milan Sodoma
    Mobile Games & Illustration

    E-mail: milan.sodoma@plgr.cz
    Mobile: +420 774 972 749
    Skype: milan_sodoma

Life in Playground

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